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Space Planning for Victoria Offices

Effective space planning is essential if you are to get the most out of your office. An optimized layout will take your current and future business needs into consideration ensuring the office continues to meet your demands as your company grows and changes . At Victoria Office Space, we offer expert advice on how to best utilise your space; something that will be of vital important once your office is up and running.

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We can work alongside you to help you get as much use as possible from your work space. Whether you’re moving into a new workspace or are staying where you are, our in-house design team can complete comprehensive office space plans and send them back to you within just 24 hours. We are affiliated with a number of leading services that can help you come up with an ideal office plan tailor made to suit your business needs.

Space Planning Services 

Let’s take a look at what we can offer.

  • FEASIBILITY STUDIES: How much space are you currently using? How much will you need in the future? We can talk to you in depth about storage facilities and departmental proximities and optimising collaboration.
  • CONCEPT DRAWINGS: We can show you exactly what your office could look like even before any changes have been made via concept and test-fit drawings as well as 3D walk-through facilities.
  • ACCOMODATION STANDARDS: With so many years of office design and planning behind us, we can advise you on exactly how much space your business needs.
  • FUTURE FLEXIBILITY: We take into account everything from usage patterns to predicted growth in order to advise you on what you could do now and in the future to cater for changes. We can help you to save time and money without cutting corners.

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