Schedule of Conditions

Schedule of Conditions: Victoria Office to Rent

Before you sign up for a lease on a commercial building, you should arrange a schedule of conditions to protect you from disputes between yourself and your landlord. A Schedule of Condition is a detailed document that contains not only writing but photographs to show the condition of a building before you move into it. It can be used to report the internal or external condition of a building or both. At Victoria Office Space, we can help you arrange a Schedule of Condition, whether you’re looking for short term offices or are planning on staying for a lengthy period of time.

Commercial leases can be fully repairing and insuring (FRI) or they can instead be internally repairing and insuring (IRI). If they are FRI, this means that the tenant must keep the exterior and interior of a building in good condition, whilst an IRI lease means that only the interior needs to be looked after and that the landlord is in charge of taking care of the building’s exterior.

A Schedule of Condition usually shows its value at the end of a tenancy – a time when disputes between landlords and tenants can take place. If there are disputes, the Schedule of Condition can be referred to in order for them to be resolved. We can arrange a Schedule of Conditions on your behalf, so contact us today if you are about to start a new tenancy and wish to protect yourself from unfair claims and accusations.

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