As part of our service we negotiate on behalf of all of our clients. Our aim is to  the best possible lease terms, service charges, incentives and review provisions, whether it’s for a new lease or a renewal, and we fight to ensure the deal you are offered, is the deal that you want. Our staff are experts in their field and are determined to get you the fairest terms and rates possible.

At Victoria Office Space, we have years of experience dealing with both landlords and tenants and therefore have unrivalled knowledge within the Victoria office market. Our dedicated team go the extra mile to get the best possible agreements for our clients and can help you whether you’re looking for a new work space or somewhere to complement your existing space.

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Whilst some property owners are harder to negotiate with than others, our fearless staff go to war on your behalf until you’re able to agree to terms and prices that you’re happy with – and whether it’s a long-term or a short term offices you require, you can count on us to fight for fairer terms on your behalf.

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