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Office Space Building Surveys

Whether you’re planning on renting an office space or are considering purchasing one, you will need to arrange for a survey to take place before you move in. Various key checks are made during surveys. Surveys include checks for structural damage, electrical and mechanical faults plus a schedule of conditions.

A schedule of conditions is a full survey of the property in which any defects are noted before you start to work from the premises. If you’re interested in obtaining a detailed analysis of a property’s condition, a full survey will provide you with all the information that you need.

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Professional surveyors can give you advice on anything from renovations and extensions to building defects and alterations, and can suggest methods of improving structures and correcting flaws. If repairs do need to be made, we can ensure that they are completed on time and we can offer advice on various issues that might affect you including building regulations, legal and environmental information and anything you might need to know about restoration.

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