Difference between serviced and leased offices

There are numerous differences between serviced and leased offices. If you’re looking for something flexible, a serviced office may be for you, whereas if you’re seeking something stable for the long-term a leased office may be ideal. If you opt for a leased office, you will need to pay for furniture, refits and IT equipment/networks. This can be costly, but if you’re happy to stay somewhere for a long period of time and expect the office in question to suit your needs for years it could well be the  best match.

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Serviced offices already feature everything that you’re likely to need from an office and can be a great match for those who may wish to move on quickly. Agreements for serviced offices can last for just a few months, whilst companies are generally expected to sign up for five to ten years in a leased alternative. This can be risky, but again, if you’re confident that your efficiency won’t be compromised over that period, leased offices may be your best option.

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